About Us

We embrace – and seek to embody – the spirit and culture of cannabis:


warmly greeting everyone


high quality at fair prices


toward all

The Kaya Shack™ Credo


  • We believe that marijuana should be legal for any adult wishing to safely and responsibly consume cannabis.
  • We believe people in jail for marijuana related offenses should be freed and pardoned.
  • We believe anyone with a marijuana related offense on their record should have their record expunged.
  • We believe cannabis has medical qualities that cure and ease suffering and that every ill person should have the right to explore if and how marijuana can help them.
  • We believe cannabis should be grown organically.
  • We believe dispensaries should be clean and inviting, with a wide selection of products.
  • We believe cannabis should be priced responsibly.
  • We believe concentrates should be as pure as possible.
  • We believe edibles must be delicious.
  • We believe in fat joints.
  • We believe in bud variety.
  • We believe in supporting community activists whose work we find inspiring and whose courage we admire.
  • We believe in supporting the fight for legal cannabis.
  • We believe parents seeking marijuana treatment for a sick child should be provided the support necessary to assist the child.
  • We believe in kindness.