Kaya Shack™ deeply cares about our community. We have shown support for a number of local and national charities that advocate for equal rights and assist people in need. Our support includes:

  • Parents 4 Pot
  • Drug Policy Alliance
  • Camp Attitude




Please keep an eye out for our sales that dedicate a percentage of proceeds to specific charities. Want us to support a charity? Send your request to

Watch for our food drives!

Helping Those Who Need Help

Do you have or know a child in need of high CBD medicine and can’t afford it? Let us know. Kaya Shack especially cares about our children. We will do all we can to help.

Introducing The Isaiah Fund

The Isaiah Fund is named after Isaiah Craig and is dedicated to supporting teen suicide prevention programs. Kaya Shack™ will be dedicating a portion of profits, organizing fundraisers, and sponsoring events to provide The Isaiah Fund with necessary resources.