Our Specials this Month Include:

December 8             Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day

Ever want to go to another time? Another place? Wish you could travel in time? Well, you can’t. No yet anyway. But we can pretend and spin around a couple of times…Tell us where you would go and who you would see and we’ll reward your imagination with 10% off.


December 16          Underdog Day

We all root for the underdog. There’s a little bit of justice in the underdog winning that we like, that we can relate to. We’re all about supporting the underdog, and today is their day. So whether you’re up or down, please Be Kind, and take an extra 10% off. Courtesy of all the underdogs.


December 23          Festivus

We wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, a Joyous Kwanza. Whatever you celebrate we hope you do so in happiness and peace. AND THEN THERE’S FESTIVUS!! Wishing everyone a mightily joyful Festivus. And in the holiday spirit, please take a celebratory 15% off.


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Veteran’s Discount – all day every day – 10% discount for veterans.

We appreciate and salute your service.


Senior Discount – all customers over the age of 65 are welcome to enjoy 10% off.


* Discounts cannot be combined with other sales.